What am I doing? I don’t know; but I know it’s going to be exciting!

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DAILY SCHEDULE OF EVENTS We have created a schedule of events for you, our Dreamers! ——————– Breakfast beginning each morning at 7:00 am Hampton Inn Breakfast Bar Enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast each morning at the Hampton Inn before heading over to the Vivi Magoo classroom. ——————– Morning Session 9:00 am until noon Vivi Magoo Classroom Pick out your spot … Read More

TSA makes me nervous

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You can ship your supplies ahead of time to the retreat!

Are You Worried About TSA or the hassle of checking your tools on the plane? TSA is usually pretty good about letting all of your items pass through their inspection if you have them packed in your checked luggage. If you’re worried about checking your beloved tools and torches on the airplane, maybe we can ease your mind a bit. … Read More

Weather in Scottsdale

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We’re only days away from kick-off, and we’re so excited to be able to share this awesome event with you! We know you will have so much fun! Although it’s September, and in most parts of the country, this means cool, crisp fall days and weather weather. Here in Scottsdale, we continue to enjoy another month of summer – sunshine and warm days. … Read More

What’s there to do in and around Scottsdale?

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We love our city and hope you will too! If you’re coming early or staying after our retreat ends, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas offer so many things to do for the newcomer. You’ll quickly become a fan of the area and want to return time and time again. Here’s our shortlist of things to do in and around Scottsdale … Read More

Can We Talk???

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Could we ask you to do us a favor? We like to keep in touch with you throughout our retreat, and texting is the easiest way for us to stay connected. And, if you are ever in need of one of us, just text us; it’s much easier than trying to hunt us down! Could you text us your name and cell phone … Read More

Registration for The Desert – 2019

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Here we go again! Registration is opening soon for The Desert – 2019! Take a SNEAK PEEK at our classes as we continue to update Vivi Magoo’s website over the next several days. If you are a returning Desert student from any of our previous retreats, you may pre-register on our website on Sunday, July 29th beginning at 8:00 am Pacific … Read More

What’s for Dinner – and Lunch!

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Hi Wild Women! We’re only days away from having fun in Coronado! Are you ready? Have we answered all your questions? Email us if you’re still wondering about anything…. ********** We would like to share the daily menu with you so you know what deliciousness you will be served each day. Please let us know if you have specific dietary … Read More