Diane Cook | The Waymaker | Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 | 9 am – 4 pm


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In this class, we will explore and enjoy the exciting world of prong setting a beautiful focal. Often, I will come across a special specimen or a cab that just doesn’t lend itself to being bezel set. That’s when prongs are the answer. We will also be layering metal, whether it be all sterling silver or a mix of sterling silver and another base metal, practicing the art of sweat soldering.

It will be your choice to prong set one focal or a combination of two, time permitting. Bring your favorite flat backed specimen or cab, no larger than 40mmx50mm (and not too heavy) to wear around your neck. I will have my stash of druzies in various sizes, ammonite splits and various unusual specimens & cabs in the classroom, just in case you feel the urge to shop!

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Instructor:  Diane Cook

Title of Class: The Waymaker

Date of Class: February 3, 2018

Time: 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

Level: Intermediate

Type: Project and Technique

Class Fee: $145

Kit Fee: $15.00

Kit Fee Includes

Instructions & Optional Patterns

Hermes Sand Paper (10 grades per student)

Instructor will have the following for use in class

Soldering Stations and set-up

Solder & Flux

Pickle Pots

Texture Hammers & Brass Mallets

Metal Design Stamps

Dremel Tool & Safety Glasses

Patina Solutions

Diamond File, Flat

3-4 Flat Files (for initial rough filing)

Bail Making Pliers

Student Supply List

Sterling Silver Sheet, 22gauge, 6”x2”

Brass or Copper Sheet, 22gauge, 3”x4”

Cab or small specimen of your choice, ex. Druzy Cab, Agate Slice, Dendritic Agate, Druzy Chalcedony Rosette, Ammonite Splits or any FLAT BACKED gemstone of your choice (I will also have some perfect choices for sale in the classroom)

Sterling Silver Round Wire, Dead Soft, 14 & 16gauge, 1-2’

Bezel Burnisher, Curved and/or Straight (Here’s a set)

Jump Rings, 2-4, 18-20gauge, soldered preferred

Jewelers Saw & Saw Blades (I like to use a #4/0 or #3/0, #2/0, but use whatever you like)

V-Slot Bench Pin & Clamp

Cut Lube

Metal Jewelry Files, #2 (half-round and flat)

Needle Files

Flush Cutters

Pliers, Flat-Nose, Chain-Nose, Round, Flat/Half-Round Pliers

Ball Peen Hammer

Rawhide Mallet

Steel Bench Block/Rubber Bench Block or Small Towel

Metal Awl or Scribe

Sanding Pads, 320grit or Fine

Pro-polishing pads

Black Permanent Marker, Ultra-Fine

Scissors, Ruler & Pencil or Pen

Ear Plugs & Optivisors (if needed)

Work Light and extension cord

Optional Supply List

Sterling Silver Square Wire, Dead Soft, 14gauge, 6-8”

Etched Sterling Silver, Brass or Copper Sheet, 22gauge (note sizes in student supply list)

Pliers, Double Nylon Jaw Flat nose

Metal or French Shears (a saw would REALLY allow finer cuts for the base plate)

Choice of chain & closure (or take my class: Tarnished Links on February 2, 6-9pm)

If time permits (for you) to wire wrap or string gemstones (4-8mm) or other beads

Sterling Silver, Half-hard or Dead Soft, 22-24 gauge (size of gemstone beads & their holes will determine gauge size. Oxidize if desired)

Beading Wire

Crimping Pliers

Crimp Tubes

Crimp Covers

Additional Class Comments

You might consider taking the Tarnished Links class I will be teaching the evening of February 2, to add beautifully built chain to your Waymaker creation. All you have to do is add it to your focal just before you set your stone!

Instructor Email Address: rosajosies@yahoo.com

Instructor Website: https://www.rosaandjosies.net/