Vivi Magoo LTD | Rebel Heartistry Returns: In The Round | Jessica Jordan Cote | April 16-20, 2018


Round Top Inn
Round Top, Texas

Monday, April 16th, 2018
-arrive at venue, check in and enjoy dinner-

Tuesday, April 17th – Thursday, April 19th, 2018
-start your day with a savory, home-cooked breakfast-
-full day of class where you will learn, create and be inspired-
-catered lunches and dinners from the famous Royer’s Cafe-
-nightly happy hour-
-open studio in the evening-
-Vivi Magoo signature treats and gifts-

Friday, April 20th, 2018
-enjoy breakfast, check out at 11am-

Price includes meals, class fees, 4 nights of lodging in a semi-private room
as well as happy hours, treats and Vivi Magoo goodies!
Transportation and kit fees are not included.
Some private rooms available for an additional charge, please contact us for more information.
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“In the Round” is a theatre style dating back several hundred years and originating in Greece and Rome.  It literally means a stage that is nearly surrounded by the audience, being viewable from all sides as opposed to only from the front.  In art and sculpture, it means “standing free with all sides shown, rather than carved in relief against a background” and socially, “treated fully and thoroughly; with all aspects shown or considered.” How appropriate, I thought, for a workshop dealing with delving deep and addressing art from both a technical and emotional point of view.

I chose this tagline because of the nature of our approach to the retreat as an entire experience, our projects with the disc cutter, and also found it sweet since we will be in ROUND Top, TX.

Overall thoughts pertaining to the concept of Round, in and of itself:

There are abstract notions and ideas behind what constitutes round, both literally and figuratively.

Literal examples that are universally recognized as round symbols include the sun, the earth, the moon, the iris and pupils of the eye, and the wheel.

We will be discussing the significance of this seemingly simple shape throughout history, how it can be conveyed in very basic and complex styles, and what it represents to us personally.  As before, students can expect a combination of short videos, written exercises, group discussion, technical demonstrations, and project outlines that they may choose to follow verbatim or deviate from in accordance with their own personal goals for the workshop but while keeping with the techniques covered in class.

Rebel Heartistry Returns- In the Round
Day One: The Ancient and The Abstract
Day Two: Of Stars and Armies
Day Three: Circling the Paradox

* * * * * * * *

Day One: The Ancient and The Abstract

What is the history of adornment?  How has it evolved over the centuries?  Moreover, in what ways are we seeing a return to ancient themes and iconography?  Such questions beget questions in turn, and students will begin to explore what attributes value to works of wearable art.  Factors such as handmade vs. machine made, materials, time, sentimentality, age, rarity and more will be discussed as we delve into this highly personal and expressive method of defining ourselves.  In conjunction with brief journaling exercises and video clips, students will work on the construction of a rustic sterling silver ring or pendant, utilizing old and new techniques, very few tools, and ample creative inspiration drawn from the timeless symbol of the circle.  Emphasis will be on form, surface texture, basic soldering, and finding fresh potential and in ancient shape.

Day Two: Of Stars and Armies

What is the intention of adornment?  How and why, unlike other creatures, do we choose to express ourselves this way?  From jewel-clad Hollywood stars to decorated military members, from Maasai warpaint to Kayan neck rings, from henna tattoos to headdresses, around the world and circling back, humankind knows no bounds to personal expression.  In the context of the classroom, we will look at this practice as a measure of status, sex appeal, solidarity, protection, tradition, enhancement, and even concealment.  Students will traverse their own motives and means of self-ornamentation while building a shield-style ring or pendant.  We will navigate the idea of radial symmetry, focus on sweat soldering multiple layers, and build on our skills from day one in this class that takes the circular theme and begins breaking it apart into more complex shapes and ideas.

Day Three:  Circling the Paradox

Unlike the delicate practices of paper and paint, the metalsmith works with materials that are perhaps more perpetual, less transient.  This medium builds with substances given forth by the earth, here long before us and sure to endure long after.  In day three, we examine the significance of working with such archaic materials.  Is the goal to simply create work that is beautiful, or is the goal to create work that is ongoing?  It is the unique relationship between the smiths and their work, that the transient and ephemeral souls exist to create an enduring art. While the cold and feral materials impart a longevity, a sort of immortality to the designs of the smith… it is the smith in turn, who grants a certain soul and heartbeat to the otherwise unfeeling and interminable stone and silver.  Round it goes, a perennial cycle of creation and collaborative benefit, where Maker and Made come through somehow more than they were before.  The final project will constitute a nouveau piece based on the notion of a fragile, fleeting life (the flower).  Students will be pushed to ideate beyond the confines of the circle while keeping it at the heart of their designs, will be guided through the process of heavy embellishment and uncommon soldering applications, all while celebrating the fragility and fortitude bound up in this creative life we’ve chosen.

Kit Fees
Day 1: $50
Includes: 8 square inches of 22g sterling silver sheet
 .5″ x 4″ strip 20g sterling silver
Day 2: $55
Includes: 8 square inches of 22g sterling silver sheet
1″ x 3″ strip 20g sterling silver
Day 3: $45
Includes: 8 square inches of 22g sterling silver sheet
18″ length of 16g sterling silver wire
Kits also include all flux, solder, patina, pickle, a book, and handouts.
Student Tool List (required)
bench pin and clamp
saw frame and 2/0 or 3/0 blades
files- flat, ring, and barrette (#2 cut)
ring clamp
ring mandrel
rawhide or nylon hammer
metal hammer (brass or ball peen)
ruler or digital calipers
Journal or sketchbook
Student Tool List (Optional)
-Swanstrom Disc Cutter (Rio 112509)- This is a very expensive tool, I realize, but is also very versatile and necessary to complete all three projects.  If students would  like to be able make these designs again after RH has ended, they will need this tool in their studio.
-Texturing hammers
-Decorative stamps
-gemstones if desired and proportionate bezel wire/cups
-stone setting tools if bringing gemstones
-magnifying eyewear if needed
Instructor will provide
-a minimum of 2 disc cutters as above
-dapping blocks
-dapping punches
-sandpaper and emery cloth
-shape templates/stencils
-flex shafts and all necessary accessories
-fully equipped soldering stations- tweezers, picks, pans, grates, pumice, flux, solder, pickle, patina, and butane torches
-extras of tools on student lists
-extra kits and raw materials for purchase
-a series of worksheets/handouts/journal prompts in addition to short videos to discuss
-scribes and center punches
-misc. hand tools and objects for experimentation with surface texture and forming


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