Richard Salley | The Bolo Tie | Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 | 9 am until 4 pm


The Bolo Tie lies somewhere between necklace and necktie with a definite Southwest flair to it. The Bolo is popping up in fashion shows around the world and worn by women nearly as much as men.

In this class you will learn to make a Bolo with all hand fabricated elements including sterling silver slide and custom tips…no store-bought components!

Tucson is the perfect place to pick up a new stone for your Bolo and wear it in the state where the Bolo became the official state tie in 1971. Join the fun and create a new fashion accessory you can enjoy everywhere!

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Instructor: Richard Salley

Date of Class: 01/31/2018

Time: 9 am until 4 pm

Class Fee: $145

Level: Intermediate

Type: Project-Techniques

Kit Fee: $40 (payable to instructor at class time)

Kit Fee Includes

8ply braided leather bolo cord

22g sterling silver sheet (50 x 50mm)

24g sterling silver sheet (30mm x 24mm) x2

24g sterling silver sheet (10mm x 10mm) x2

14g sterling silver half-round wire (72mm)

14g sterling silver twist wire (72mm)

14g sterling silver wire (120mm)

bezel wire

6mm cabochon x2

6mm bezel cup x2

silver solder

Student Supply List

Bring a flat-backed cabochon of your choosing that will fit on a 2” x 2” base with sufficient room left around the stone for embellishments. If you want to do a stone-on-stone setting, bring a second smaller cabochon for that. I will have some stones also if you don’t have one to bring.

Safety glasses

Jewelers saw and blades (#2/0-4/0)

Bench Block

Bench Pin

Pliers-flat nose, chain nose, round nose

Files – hand files and/or needle files

Calipers – digital calipers can be found online or at Harbor Freight for around $20

Rawhide mallet

Wire cutters


bezel rocker, burnishers or bezel pusher

Ott light and extension cord

Optional Supply List

Metal shears

miter vise/jig

Instructor Email Address

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