Gold Star Instructors

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I have loved the work of several artists for ages….but alas from afar!  I live on the west coast of Canada.  I would have to plan a vacation with my husband if I wanted to participate.  Is it possible to buy DVDs of these classes?   The Canadian dollar is awful and getting there seems a big deal.  (O but a fre come true)!!



What a beautiful country you live in! My husband and I spent the month of June last year in the Maritime Provinces. Wonderfully hospitable people too! We haven’t explored the west coast yet; hopefully one day soon. I understand it is spectacular!
Unfortunately we don’t offer DVD’s or videos of our classes; at least, not yet. I’m thinking that is something we need to add to our repertoire. We’ve had many requests such as yours for the same. I agree with you about the instructors – they are in a league all their own! And, their class projects are incredible. We are proud of the fact that they each want to teach for us. We must be doing something right!
We at Vivi Magoo wish you a happy and healthy 2016 and would love to see you at one of our events in the future.
My best to you,