Desert Charm Swap

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2017 Art Retreat in the Desert Charm Swap

Hello Artists,

I am the hosting the Art Retreat in the Desert charm swap. Students and instructors are invited to participate in the swap.   You do not want to miss the fun and excitement of receiving a small piece of art from the Artists.

Charm Swap Guidelines

The swap is limited to 40 participants. Be prepared to create 41 charms. The extra charm is a gift for Barb.

The deadline for signing up for the charm swap is December 15, 2016, or when there are 40 participants, whichever comes first. The final charm count will be determined and announced at that time. Periodically, I will send you an email regarding the number of participants so that you may pace yourself.

To sign up for the charm swap, contact, Cathy Norton at I will notify you by email confirming that you are on the charm swap list. You must email me personally to participate.

2017 Charm Swap Theme: The theme is a Purple gemstone. Create a charm using a gemstone in accordance to the charm specifications below. The charm may be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. The Purple gemstone should be predominately Purple. It may be precious, semi-precious, or not so precious.

The Charm Specifications:

Attach a jump ring to each charm.

The maximum charm length (including the jump ring) is 1.5”.

The maximum charm width or thickness is 1”.

Package each charm in a small plastic zip lock bag.

Include your name and email address with each packaged charm.

Place all individually packaged charms in a larger zip lock bag with your name, email address, and cell phone number. Deliver this package to the designated drop off location (see below).

Charms need to be safe and sturdy for daily wear. No lead, no sharp edges, no feathers, no shells, or other organic materials that would not clear Customs or Security. When using glues, sealants, and other products, the charms need to be completely dry and odor free before placing the charm in the ziplock bag.

The designated drop off location is at the Retreat Registration table. There will be “Charm Swap” signage.

Drop off deadline is Thursday, February 2nd by 4:15pm. You may drop the charms off at any time prior to the deadline. If you plan on mailing your charms to me, please let me know and I will provide my mailing address. I need to receive mailed charms by Friday, January 27th.

Pick up charm swap at the Retreat Registration table on Friday, February 3rd, from 4:15pm-5:00pm. Look for the “Charm Swap” signage. Allow yourself a few minutes to meet the other charming artists. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact me.

If you desire to have the charms mailed to you, enclose your mailing information and $6.80 for Priority Postage (USA mailing) in the large zip lock bag containing your charms. The charms will be mailed to you when I return home from the Retreat.