Shopping with friends….It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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Wondering where to shop in Tucson?

Wondering where all the gemstones are?

Wondering how best to navigate Tucson gem shows?

We have the answers

and we’re here to share with you!


If you want a concise online guide for many of the shows in Tucson,

this is the one we recommend.
Tucson Gem Shows


We also have copies of the Tucson Show Guide

available for you to pick up in our

Vivi Magoo Registration area

at La Paloma.

And, they’re free!

There are always Vivi Magooers who are interested in shopping on days when they don’t have classes.
If you want to connect with them and catch an Uber or Lyft together
(split the cost – you’ll have more money for treasures at the gem shows!),
let us know, and we’ll try and connect you with each other.
We hope this information helps you prepare for your shopping days in Tucson!
There is so much to see, and being organized and prepared ahead of time is super important.
Email us if you have any questions! We’re here to help.
Barb & Erin