Daily Schedule of Events

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We don’t want you wandering around aimlessly wondering where to go next each day, so we’ve attached a Daily Schedule of Events for you to keep handy so you always know where all the fun is! Each day is listed separately, so you can click on the link for the days you want to view or download, and you’ll see the schedule for that day only. You may want to print out a copy of the days you’re in class – or link to the Vivi Magoo website page that lists the schedule so you can have it handy. We will also have copies in the Vivi Magoo Registration Lounge for handy reference.

Note there are two nights we are going out for dinner – Wednesday and Saturday – both to Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant. We did this last year, and the restaurant was a big hit! Good food – lively – plenty of room to accommodate our big party. The Hilton shuttle van will take as many trips there and back as it takes to get us all situated. They’re so good to us!

Text your RSVP to Barb at (602) 509-6030 and let her know you’ll be joining us!

00.Sunday, February 3rd

01.Monday, February 4th

02.Tuesday February 5th

03.Wednesday, February 6th

04.Thursday, February 7th

05.Friday February 8th

06.Saturday February 9th

07.Sunday February 10th