Planned events after class?

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How fabulous! Thank you so much! I am looking forward to the classes very much. My freind is just in the process of looking at your classes also. We have been to a couple of retreats together before. She has been asking if there are any get togethers, or organised things happening in the evenings after classes? 

How fun for you and your friend to attend together! You’ll have so much fun – guaranteed! The Hilton generously hosts a happy hours each evening after class – free for those who stay at the hotel and a nominal drink fee for those guests who live locally or have chosen to stay elsewhere. In addition, we organize a dinner outing for those interested in joining us – a different restaurant most evenings. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your fellow students in a more relaxed manner. We are adding a vendor event this year – Tuesday through Saturday during the day and Wednesday evening – free admission – mostly our instructors and a few outside vendors who we’ve invited to participate. 
I think you’ll be busy from morning to night and go home feeling satisfied and content with how you spent your time with Vivi Magoo. We not only try to provide top-most quality in classes and instructors, but we are focused on giving you a chance to meet like-minded and creative women who will become new friends of yours. It’s always fun to see everyone reuniting with each other after having been separated by distance and time in between retreats. Emails and Facebook allow everyone to keep in touch throughout the year, but the in-person reunions and hugs are priceless to us!
Make sure you let your friend know we are here to help her get registered in the classes that she wants!
Have a nice evening!