What’s for Dinner – and Lunch too!

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Are you ready?

Have we answered all your questions?

Email us if you’re still wondering about anything….


We would like to share the lunch and dinner menus with you so you know what deliciousness you will be served each day.

At noon, when we break for lunch, we will head to the Spoke Cafe, where we will make our lunch selection from a special Vivi Magoo menu chosen by the hotel just for us.

And, after a long, hard day at our benches, we’ll meet in the Spoke Lounge for a relaxing beverage followed by a yummy dinner with menu choices selected just for us by the hotel. Two beverages of your choice are included each evening that you can choose to drink in either location (lounge or restaurant), and if you would like anything additional, the servers will gladly add it to your room charges for you.



Safe travels, dear friends! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!