What should I expect when checking into the hotel for my Vivi Magoo classes?

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If you are staying at the Hilton with us during your classes, when you arrive at the hotel, proceed directly to the reservation desk to check into your guest room. The hotel staff will process your check-in and when finished, hand you an envelope with several things in it.

A welcome letter from the hotel will explain the breakfast buffet each morning (time and location), and they will also hand you drink tickets for you to use during your stay. Two each day of your reservation, you are invited to use them each evening during our Social Gathering or at any time you choose. There will also be a map of the classrooms, listing each instructor and where you can find their classes.

We suggest you head directly to your room after registration, familiarize yourself with it (it was newly renovated last year! A beautiful new hotel for us!), and then stroll around the facility to become acquainted with where things are – the restaurant and lounge (2nd floor), Vivi Magoo classrooms (1st floor), Vivi Magoo Registration Lounge (1st floor), SJ Jewelry Supply – for your tools, materials, etc. needs (1st floor by VM Registration Lounge), pool, Mercato, computer stations, and so on.

If you sent your tools and supplies ahead, the hotel has secured them for you, and we will move them to a central location for you to drop by and pick them up. If you text us, we will give you directions to the room – hopefully be able to meet you there!

We’re looking forward to making new acquaintances as well as meeting up with our beloved Vivi Magoo family members! We’ve been waiting patiently for you! Don’t dally – we want to see you and give you a big Vivi Magoo welcome hug!