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Are you ready to head out to the gem shows next week?

If you’re ready, we’re ready to give you some helpful pointers.

Have you been practicing your restraint methods?

We can’t guarantee we’ll be of any help in the restraint department, but we will head you in the right direction, and the rest is up to you.

This is our Go-To website for handy reference. All of the major gem shows are listed by date of opening, and it give valuable information about which are wholesale or retail shows, where each show is on a map (with directions), and website links to all the shows.

Link to the website page here.

Our very own Tonya Davidson has started a Facebook page, which has loads of helpful information on it. Where to find what you are looking for. Means of transportation. What to bring with you if you are planning to purchase things. And more.

Link to Tonya’s Facebook page here.

If you have a vehicle – great. You’re all set. Head out with your smartphone and keep both of these websites loaded for handy reference.
Uber or Lyft are handy ways to begin and end your shopping trip, and once at the first major show, you can hop on and off Tucson’s free gem show shuttle around town. Not the fastest – but the price is right, and you don’t have to fight traffic or find parking.
There is usually always someone heading out any given day from our group, so maybe you can talk up your interest in carpooling with another Vivi Magoo student who may be going the same day as you. The evening Gatherings is a great time to do that!
Of course, we are always available to lend a hand! Text either of us any time; we will get right back to you!
And, don’t spend all your money at the first show; there are more shows than you probably have money to spend! And, half the fun is looking and plotting what you’re going to purchase – and where you plan to find it!
Have fun!