Shipping supplies and tools to the hotel

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You can ship your supplies ahead of time to the retreat!

QUESTION I’m looking for suggestions on shipping my tools and supplies to the hotel? What carrier have you used? Send “in care of anyone”? Any tips would be appreciated! V.D. REPLY We’ve arranged with the hotel to accept boxes on behalf of our students and instructors who are Hilton registered guests. Just try to coordinate timing so your boxes arrive just a … Read More

Who are we?

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Vivi Magoo is a family run business. We are a close-knit family who enjoy each other’s company and love spending time with our Vivi Magoo friends, sharing creativity and being inspired. In our fifth year of business, we continue to have fun planning and hosting our events each year! Barb is the visionary – always looking for new venues, artist-instructors to teach and … Read More

Meals and Gatherings

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Vivi Magoo students enjoy gatherings and visit the best restaurants in Round Top, enjoying BBQ, pie, and occasionally a glass of wine while attending Art Retreat on the Prairie. In addition to our wonderful classes, we offer our students the opportunity to attend cocktail hours, meals, and socials. Some events are hosted by us, such as the gathering that kicks off … Read More

Skill Level of Classes

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Question: Hello, I stumbled upon your website through Kim St Jean and was wondering if your classes are geared toward the beginner or the more advanced student. Reply: Thanks for reaching out to us at Vivi Magoo! We appreciate your interest and hope that you will consider joining us at one or another of our retreats. Kim has been one of … Read More

What to Wear to Class

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It should be delightful weather for us!  The average daytime temperature in Irvine, California during the dates of our retreat is pretty stable at 78 to 80-degrees. Overnight low is 56 to 58-degrees. June is a very dry month in Southern California with only 0.1-inch of precipitation on average. Lightweight clothing during the day when out-of-doors; a light wrap or … Read More