Your Health and Well-Being are Important to Us

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YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY To set your mind at ease, we want you to know we have been monitoring events associated with influenza, RSV and the Covid virus. We are planning to follow the CDC guidelines, and knowing the situation is constantly fluid, we will incorporate any new and updated measures as we approach our retreat … Read More

Welcome to The Desert 2023

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We are getting really excited about our upcoming retreat next month! We’re working diligently to put the finishing touches on everything to make it perfect for you. We’ll be emailing you – sometimes daily – over the next several weeks with updates and information that we hope will be beneficial. Our experience is that students become a bit anxious about … Read More

What should I pack to wear?

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The good news is our monsoon season will have ended by the time you arrive in the Phoenix metropolitan area in mid-September. The not-so-good-news is it’s still pretty warm for us in September. Temperatures can still range in the nineties (ahhh – but it’s a dry heat!), and the sun shines for an average of 11 hours each day. Our … Read More

Workshop Schedule of Events

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It’s a simple schedule no matter if you’re in Ace’s first or second session or Nicole’s one-and-only session. ARRIVAL AT STUDIO: 8:45 AM MORNING SESSION: 9:00 AM – NOON *LUNCH: NOON – 1 PM AFTERNOON SESSION: 1 PM – 4 PM DINNER OUTING: 4 PM – 6 PM Notes *We will choose a different local restaurant to order from each … Read More

If you have the questions, we have the answers!

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We would like to answer a few questions that have arisen by Vivi Magoo Metals Week students in hopes this helps you with anything you’ve been wondering about! What does the kit fee include?  The kit fee includes use of the instructor’s, Vivi Magoo’s and the studio’s equipment and tools. Can I bring these items myself? In order to keep … Read More

Your Health and Safety are Important to Us

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We take your physical health very seriously, and that is why we have adopted guidelines for keeping you as safe and sound as we possibly can while at Metals Week. YOUR SAFETY AND HEALTH ARE OUR TOP PRIORITY To set your mind at ease, we want you to know we constantly monitor events associated with Covid and its variants.  We … Read More

Ship Your Tools Ahead of Time to the Studio

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Are You Worried About TSA or the hassle of checking your tools on the plane? Would you rather not have to worry about lugging your tools to-and-from your hotel? If you’re worried about checking your beloved tools on the airplane, or if you just simply don’t want the hassle of toting them, maybe we can offer help. We invite you … Read More

Getting From Here to There?

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Urban Metal Studio 33 S Sycamore, Ste 1 Mesa, AZ 85202   If you’re flying in and don’t want to rent a vehicle, we suggest a ride share from the airport to your hotel. It’s convenient and not too pricey. Uber Lyft   If you are staying at one of the recommended hotels and you don’t want to rent a … Read More

Supplies and Tools

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Many of our students have asked us to help streamline the process of gathering supplies for class, and we have come up with a way we think will work for you. If there are any tools, supplies, etc. you need/want to purchase, we have an idea and hopefully a solution to gathering them that will work for you. Mario and … Read More

Hotel recommendations for Metals Week 2022

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We’ve traveled around and have identified several options – all of which are affordable at single or double occupancy. If you are driving, all of them will be within a twenty-minute drive of the jewelry studio and they are also found in close proximity to our Phoenix metropolitan light rail, allowing you the option of traveling to-and-from the studio without … Read More