April Bower | Cuttlefish Bone: Not Just For Bird Brains | Saturday, June 11, 2016 | 9 am until 4 pm


You will use cuttlefish bone, (I am sure you have seen one inside a bird cage), to cast a unique wood grain textured pendant in sterling silver. Learn the artful surprise of carving and pouring molten silver into a cuttlefish bone, with option to finish a pendant or continue with multiple castings, each building on the experience of the previous, with up to two or more carvings and three pours. Your own successes, as well as missteps, and those of other students, will lead you to some discoveries that will make cuttlebone casting a new favorite.

Combine elements to create a finished piece, or cast elements to be used in future creations. Carving, pressing in models, creating pedestals for stones, and fusing Argentium elements to your castings will be demonstrated.

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Instructor: April Bower

Date of Class: 06/11/2016

Time: 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

Class Fee: $145

Kit Fee: $50 (payable to instructor at class time)

Kit Fee Includes:

Cuttlebones to cast into: enough for 3 castings

One 6mm diameter sterling tubing for bale

Cab stone and silver bezel cup

materials needed to complete a pendant

Fun tools for flex shaft clean up

(kit does not include 1 oz minimum sterling scrap to cast with)
Instructor will have the following for use in class:
Casting torch and crucible
Binding wire
Acetylene torches & fuel
Silver solder
Scratch brush
Carving tools
Use of tools & equipment to complete project
Student Supply List:
1 oz of sterling casting grain or sterling scrap per casting. (*You can preorder
casting silver from instructor 5 weeks ahead of scheduled class if preferred)
Bench pin & clamp
Jewelers saw & 2/0 or smaller blades
Exacto knife OR dull small carving tool
Regular wooden pencil
Small soft artists paint brush (inexpensive)
Large flat file and half round (like inside ring file)
Burnisher or bezel rocker to set cab in bezel

I will have some of the needed tools to share if you are unable to bring your own.

Optional Supply List:
Soldering set up you are comfortable with if you don’t want to wait to share (ie: Butane torch, solder pick and tweezers, charcoal block etc.)
Will have some rotary tools and bits to share (abrasive wheels, drills, ball burs etc.)
Personal light
Additional Class Comments
Students should be able to saw and have some beginning soldering skills, or permission of instructor. Team teaching, with qualified assistant Rene Garver.
Students must supply one ounce of sterling silver scrap or casting grain. 2 or 3 times more if wanting to cast 2-3.
Instructor Email Address: AprilBowerJewelry@gmail.com

Instructor Website: AprilBower.com


*Online and Onsite*
Ann Hammes
(480) 614-3803

Phone or email Ann with your list of supplies, and she will take care of the rest! 

No stress! 

Everything will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the Beach.

And, she will be set up at the hotel during our retreat 
for your shopping convenience.

*We try to think of everything to make your retreat more enjoyable*