April Bower | LIVE STREAM ONLINE: Starry Starry Night: Fused Dust and Pebbles – Argentium Silver and 18K Gold | Saturday, October 3, 2020, Sunday October 4, 2020 and Friday, October 9, 2020


Create coordinating earrings and pendant in Argentium Silver, known for its wonderful  fusing properties with 18k yellow gold accents.

Learn how to create and successfully fuse the metal dust for texture and dimension, contrasting with rolled texture and fused “pebbles” in both silver and gold.  Fusing, forming, finishing, burnishing and patination will be addressed with a combination of prerecorded videos and live Zoom interaction with instructor April Bower as well as other students.

Work with your own tools in the comfort of your own studio.

Laptop or Tablet recommended for viewing, and cell phone camera for sharing photos of your project if you have questions for April.

Please familiarize yourself with Zoom and make sure to download the Zoom Apps on your devices.


Don’t worry!  There are a few seats left.

You’re not too late!

Classroom is limited to twelve students – Grab your seat before they’re all gone!

If the class sells out, and there is enough interest, we will open another session.

We aim to please you, our Vivi Magoo family!


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Instructor: April Bower


Dates of Class: October 3-4, 2020, and October 9, 2020

*** Times of classes are on Phoenix, Arizona time ***

Daily Schedule: 
October 3rd

8:30 am until 2:30 pm

The first thirty minutes will be spent getting everyone comfortably logged onto Zoom and introducing ourselves to each other. April will begin class at 9:00 am.

October 4th
9:00 am until 2:30 pm

each day, you will receive instruction from April, watch demo videos, discuss your projects, and April will answer any questions you may have. In addition, there will be ample time for you to work independently throughout each day at your own bench in your own studio.

Friday, October 9th
3:00 – 4:00 pm:
Grab a beverage of your choice and join us online for some social time! Totally casual – time to share your finished pieces with fellow students – share your thoughts on the class – relax and enjoy new and old friendships

Class Fee: $190
Level: intermediate, must be comfortable with a torch
Type: A Project and Technique Workshop
Kit Fee: $99

You may choose to provide your own kit items for this class, but if you would prefer for April to assemble it for you, please let her know as soon as possible. She only has a few kits left from her last class, and when they’re gone, they’re all gone.

Kit Fee Includes:

  • 24g ARSS sheet 3 inch by 1.5 inch
  • 16g round ARSS wire
  • .925 ear wires w/bead – 1 pair
  • 18g  3mm sterling jumprings – 2
  • 18g ARSS wire – 6 inches
  • 18K y/g sizing stock 1mmx3mm 1/2″  for dust and moons
  • 3 lidded cans for dust and granule collection
  • oilcan dispenser with dispenser for liquid flux
  • Yellow Aqua Flux in dropper jar
  • Spatula
  • Parchment paper sheet
  • 26 g steel binding wire – 1 yard
  • Index card

Optional – in addition to the items included in the kit, the following items are available for purchase through April:

  • Burnisher, 1.5″ curved
  • Flush cut Xuron snips with retainer
  • Forming set
  • Scratch brush
  • 3”x6” solderite board
  • Charcoal block

Student Supply List – you will need the following to complete each project:

  • Hand tools
  • Bench pin
  • Bench block
  • Side cutters  to cut wire for granules
  • Metal shears
  • Vise grip pliers, any size will do
  • Jewelry flat or half round file and sanding sticks to smooth edges
  • Fine tweezers
  • Burnisher, curved tip preferred
  • Sharpie, fine tip
  • Hole punch pliers (1mm) or # 55 drill ( or close) for ear wire hole
  • Coarse flat 6″ or larger  flat file with handle. Flat Bastard  or wood file  (refer to “About Files” handout)
  • Sandbag or wood forming block
  • Scratch brush
  • Planishing hammer for flattening granules & mallets for forming
  • Bar keepers friend or pumice for cleaning metal
  • Dish soap or Mr. Clean type liquid cleaner
  • Rubber gloves, kitchen type works well
  • Fine sand sponge or green scratch cloth to preclean the metal
  • An extra large foil lasagna type pan or a metal cookie sheet with parchment paper sheet liner to catch filings
  • A clean dry paint brush to sweep up filings and a business card or index card to use as dust scoop
  • A small soft artists paintbrush to clean up dust/flux application (inexpensive)
  • Clean shop rag or paper towels
  • Masking tape
  • Safety glasses
  • A cell phone tripod is nice if you have one, but if not, a soldering tripod with out the screen makes a very good support for cell camera to show jewelry projects

Studio Tools

  • Torch.  I use Eurotool Handy Flame butane, but use what you have. Larger bushier flame is better than small pinpoint flame. Your acetylene and air torch should work well with a medium/small tip (#1). A Smith “Little Torch” will do, but make sure to use a large tip with a softer flame. (See Torch video)
  • Solder station: Heat safe area with cookie sheet and fire brick or annealing tray. Solder pick and tweezers. A clean flat solderite board  (preferred for fusing)  &  charcoal block to melt granules on.
  • Pickle and rinse water and a simple dish of water for washing and rinsing metal (if no sink).
  • *Flux: like Batterns, Rio My T flux, Aquaflux.   (the clear yellow stuff, not white paste flux) *I supply some in your kit
  • Patina: your favorite blackener: Liver of Sulfur, Goshiba, Jax, Black Max
  • *Rolling mill; flat or combo
  • *You could replace the rolled texture with a stamped or hammered if no rolling mill.
  • *Polishing lathe or flex shaft for clean up and polishing
  • *Steel wool and pro polish pad will do. I supply some in your kit

Additional Class Comments:
Our timing is approximate. Some sessions may last a bit longer; others may end a little early, depending on student’s level of experience and Q-&-A.

Instructor Email Address: AprilBowerJewelry@gmail.com

Instructor Website: AprilBower.com