Metals Week | Studio Luna Verde | Gather: a necklace class | September 16, 2020 | 8:30 AM – noon and 1:30 pm until 5:00 pm and 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Secure your seat in Ace McCasland’s class (aka Studio Luna Verde). Class size is limited, and you don’t want to miss out – this is one instructor you don’t want to slip by you this coming fall!

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Instructor: Ace McCasland

Title of Class: gather – how to assemble a wearable story of you

Date of Class: September 16, 2020

Number of hours of class: 9

(due to AZ gathering restrictions)

Time: 8:30 am – noon and 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm

Maximum number of students: 9


Level: advanced-beginner, intermediate

Type: Technique 

Gather – to collect from different places; assemble

When I travel, I tend to pick up small, often overlooked pieces of ephemera, be it stone, metal, glass, seeds, and oftentimes assemble those gathered pieces into a necklace.

In this workshop, I encourage you to bring a selection of meaningful found or gathered objects that you would like to create into a necklace that tells a story. We can work horizontally or vertically, your choice, and feel free to bring a variety of cabochons or other stones, as those can also tell a story of where you’ve been or how you feel or who you are. We will explore unusual prong setting techniques to grasp these items, incorporate a fused silver organic element for texture and intrigue, and discuss the importance of making your own chain, while exploring several of those options.

Kit Fee: $115 (payable to Vivi Magoo at start of class)

**Kit fee may vary due to fluctuating prices of precious metals.

Included in kit

18” / 12g sterling silver wire

4’ / 14g sterling silver wire

2’ / 16g sterling silver wire

5’ / 18g sterling silver wire

knife edge pumice wheel w/ mandrel

snap on sanding discs w/ mandrel

wire solder

3M polishing paper

#55 drill bit

bronze bitlets

the following will be available for use in class

*safe distance markers on classroom flooring

*Face mask for each student

*Hand sanitizer for each student

*Disinfectant for each workspace

*Vivi Magoo will provide these for our students, and you are invited to bring additional supplies for your personal use as well.

Complete soldering stations – one per student at safely distanced classroom workbenches

soldering platforms

annealing pan and pumice

heat safe surface


torch tips



quench bowls

pickle containers

patina containers

heating sources for pickle and patina



Dawn dish detergent

paper towels

Containers for water

table protection

flex shafts – one for each student bench

Student Supply List

***stones / personal choice, remember, it’s YOUR story to tell, however I will have a variety available for purchase ((I do not recommend turquoise or opals for prong setting, as they can be easily scratched)

soldering pick

hard charcoal soldering block (approximately 5”x2-1/2”)

old long-nose pliers for use when soldering

cross lock tweezers

copper tongs – 2 pair – one each for pickle and patina

fine point tweezers or natural hair paintbrush for placing solder

jewelers saw and blades (#2/0 – #4/0)

cut lube or wax for burs

bench pin / 3” or 4” C-Clamp to secure bench pin (tables vary in thickness)

pliers – flat nose, chain nose, round nose

flush cutters

metal shears

miter vise/jig

steel bench block and something to soften sound from blows (rubber block, for example)

chasing hammer

ball peen hammer

rawhide hammer or nylon mallet

files – hand files and needle files

sanding sticks and/or sandpaper (220-320 grit)


center punch



ruler (with mm reading helpful)

prong pusher (i will also have optional prong setting pliers available for sale)

bezel rocker / burnisher

sterling silver scrap (wire, sheet, whatever you have, and you don’t need much)

safety glasses

ear protection – it can get loud!


Optional Supply List

extra silver wire of varying gauges extra silver sheet

worklight (preferably battery-operated)

your own favorite tools

*Face mask for each student

*Hand sanitizer for each student

*Disinfectant for each workspace

*Vivi Magoo will provide these for our students, and you are invited to bring additional supplies for your personal use as well.

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