Robert Lopez| Raw and Reckless| Monday, January 29th and Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 | 9 am until 4 pm


Painting with fire? Crazy right?! How about growing crystals on metal? You can now add vibrant and durable colors to your jewelry at an affordable price without anodizing. As the price of gold and silver steadily rose I searched for an alternative, low cost material to making cuffs which traditionally require a fairly large amount of silver. I turned to brass and copper as others did the same; however, I failed to find a suitable means of keeping the finishes from turning. That’s when I discovered titanium! Titanium can be colored from gold, magenta, purples, blues and greens- all with heat. Some of titanium’s remarkable qualities are that it is the most hypoallergenic material known to man, it is extremely light weight and strong. The colors can be vibrant or muted and best of all they are very durable in comparison to a patina color added to silver for example. Its durability is in its structure. The color is made from light being refracted through a crystalline structure that is formed on the surface. When controlled properly, you can add a multitude colors and patterns to the metal with depth and varying textures.

In this workshop I will teach you the basics of working with titanium including coloring, texturing and embellishing. We will also be adding a bottom plate of textured brass and a top plate of Argentium Silver with layers of texture. Some of the components will be fused to the plate while others will be soldered. The three pieces will then be joined together with rivets. I will also teach you how I make bezel settings with a heavy gauge bezel. We will be setting two cabochons to the cuff. The techniques that I will teach you can be the framework for bolder and more elaborate pieces.

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Title: Raw and Reckless

Instructor: Robert Lopez

Date of Class: January 29, 2018 and January 30, 2018

Time: 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

Level: Intermediate

Type: Project/skill – oriented

Class Fee: $290

Kit Fee: $90 (payable to instructor at class time)

Kit Fee Includes

Titanium Sheet 22-gauge  2

Argentium silver sheet 22, 24 gauge

Brass Sheet 24 gauge

Argentium silver round wire 18, 16 gauge

Argentium silver bezel wire 24 gauge

Cabochon 2


Silver solder

Instructor will have the following for use in class


Texturing hammers

Soldering supplies and stations


Polishing supplies

Student Supply List

(All optional if flying to workshop. Instructor will have all tools listed to be shared if needed. You may have preferred tools so bring them if you can!)

Safety glasses


Rawhide hammer

Small Hammer

Metal shears

Bench pin

Bench block

Basic jewelry making tools, flush cutters, round nose plies, flat nose pliers

Fine point tweezers

Bezel pusher

Steel burnisher


Ear plugs

Battery powered Ott light

3″-4” C-clamp may be needed to clamp bench pin to table 

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Instructor Website:



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