April Bower | ONLINE: Spectacular Spiculums | June 8th, 10th and 12th, 2021


What the heck is a Spiculum?

It’s a closed anticlastic formed shape you will love to make!

SPICULUM:  Noun= Small hollow pointed form 

(Very useful in jewelry making.)

This is an online adventure in forming.

Make as many of the practice spiculums as you’d like! We will start with a pair of  simple straight spiculums that make great earrings or linked elements, then create a statement piece necklace, working in copper, brass or silver…your choice

 Featured techniques:

forming spiculums & tubes

create a wrapped tube bale

bending commercial tubing for curved bales

knowing the tools necessary and how to make or improvise your own


soldering, assembly and connections

How to Balance bail to pendant

Tube setting a facetted stone

DESIGN: what makes an overall strong design

finishing techniques/ patinas


Work with your own tools in the comfort of your own studio.

Laptop or Tablet recommended for viewing, and cell phone camera for sharing photos of your project if you have questions for April.

Please familiarize yourself with Zoom and make sure to download the Zoom Apps on your devices.


We know this is going to be a very popular class!

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When they sell out (which we’re sure will be the case), and you would like to participate in a future session, put your name on the wishlist, indicating your interest.

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Instructor: April Bower

Format: ONLINE: HYBRID (combination of live and recorded)

Dates of Class: June 8, 10 and 12, 2021


Students will participate in a combination of both recorded and live Zoom events every other day for four days with April. Question and answer period, and further instruction will occur during live classroom meetups.

Daily Classroom Schedule

Tuesday June 8th, 2021

9:00 am until 10:00 am

Thursday June 10th, 2021

9:00 am until 10:00 am

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

9:00 am until 10:00 am


3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Grab a beverage of your choice and join us online (use the same Vivi Magoo Zoom link you used for classes)  for some social time! Totally casual – time to share your finished pieces with fellow students – share your thoughts on the class – relax and enjoy new and old friendships. 

Class Fee: $195
Level: All – (Experienced Beginner/ Intermediate) * must be able to saw &  be comfortable with a torch to solder

Type: A Project and Technique Workshop

Student Supply List 


  • 26 g copper, brass or bi-metal Sheet usually comes in 6”x12” for practice spiculums
  • 26 g sterling or Argentium silver sheet optional for statement necklace spiculum
  • Silver solder, hard, med, easy
  • Tube setting to fit your facetted stone. 5 mm stone suggested or cut section of heavy wall tubing to use. I used Argentium Heavy wall 5.5 mm tube bezel   ½” you’ll only need .5″ but will have to buy a foot Argentium tube
  • Facetted stone to fit tubing. 5mm round CZ suggested
  • 20g to 22g sheet metal to create a tab bezel and backing. Large enough for your choice of focal stone
  • Tube to bend or use for straight bale whatever size or metal you want, or
  • To make your own out of sheet metal as per video instructions you’ll need approx. 1.5” (or how long you want your tube bale), x1” (makes approx 7mm diameter tube)  Use 24g to 26g sheet metal. or
  • For rolled “croissant” style bale you’ll need 1.5”x 4” of 30g sheet

Needed tools

bench pin and clamp

Small smooth anvil or bench block

leather  or non-mar mallet,

planishing hammer or very smooth smaller metal hammer to close spiculums (closing hammer)

any nylon cross peen forming hammers you may have ( smaller metal cross peens will do in a pinch) for example: NC Black closing hammer

Fav texturing tools / texturing hammers

Grooved wood block or “Whammer”

Chain nose plier

Flat nose pliers

round nose pliers

good metal shears

6″ flat file or inside ring file (flat one side, half round other side)

sanding sticks

safety glasses,

Sharpie pen,

Millimeter gauge

drill press &/or flex shaft,

#55 drill bits and 5mm setting burs, or individual setting bur 5mm (Setting bur the size of your facetted stone )

wax stone dop, Sharpie marker

tube setting punches ( size 20 or 19 : they run small)   and chasing hammer for punch,

(your usual hand tools: saw & blades, metal shears, ruler, scribe, flex shaft clean up burs/ grinders pliers,  optivisor.,

Studio Tools


use what you have. Bushier flame is better than small pinpoint flame for annealing.

Heat proof surface for soldering/ annealing; Solderite board or charcoal block

flux: white paste kind for Red Heat Patina like Handy Flux

patina: Your favorite blackener: Liver of Sulfur, Gosiba, Jax, Black Max for silver stamped texture

Polishing lathe or flex shaft and burs for cleanup and polishing.   * 0000 steel wool and pro polish pad will do.

black silicone wheels. Are great for all around abrasive clean up with your flex shaft. Get the mandrel too as it doesn’t come with it. Flat edge shape is very useful too.

Optional and fun things

Rolling mill to texture or step thin spiculum metal

I use the 3M radial bristle disc  in Blue (400 grit) peach (60 micron)  and light green (1 micron).If I had to only buy one I would choose blue (400) as all around most useful. They come in small for flex shaft too. Buy lots of screw mandrels for them.

Moores  Sanding disc  and  snap on mandrel discs come different grits. Choose med & coarse over fine.

black silicone wheels. Are great for all around abrasive clean up with your flex shaft. Get the screw mandrel too as it doesn’t come with it. Knife edge shape is very useful too.

Bezel mandrels set from Otto Frei, seems like a great deal.

Tube setting punch Otto Frei has “replacement” punches individually up to 6.5mm. They run small. I suggest  buying one  2 mm larger than your stone. May not work with cabochons unless they are very low dome but great for facetted stones. A set is always best, but the price range goes with the quality range. bezel setting set: a low end, but usable set.

Wubbers Parallel jaw pliers for Croissant style bale

Additional Class Comments

Students will participate in a combination of both recorded and live Zoom events with April. Question and answer period, and further instruction will occur during live classroom meetups. Students will be able to follow along and work at own pace but ask questions/seek help from instructor each morning of class.

Videos will be available for one month after class ends.

You will have access to a private FB page set up for this class – forever – with no plans to take it down.

April’s Contact Info

Instructor Email Address: AprilBowerjewelry@gmail.com

Instructor Website: www.aprilbower.com