UPDATED: Tonya Davidson | Fused, Textured and Dusted: It’s All in the Layers! Texture, Fuse, Frame and Dust Your Sterling Silver | Friday, February 7th, 2020 | 9:00 am until 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm until 9 pm


Create a ring or pendant with layers and unbelievable textures and then frame it for focal impact!


-how to create layered and textured sterling without solder (a special alloy unknown to most – not argentium!)

-how to frame a shape with different wires and sheet

-using the rolling mill to compress and alter fused surfaces as an additional technique

-how to tackle soldering setups – what to use and when for more confidence

-how to use scrap and dust (filings) to add texture and detail

Each ring or pendant will be unique and an individual expression of artistry. I’ll guide you along on selecting a design and pattern.

A great one day workshop to try your hand at creating a unique textured silver pendant with many techniques included.  Framing your piece is higher level of design, it adds focal impact and structure.  This call will up your game with fusing, framing and texture.  Not to mention you’ll learn many handy bench tips and tricks and a new found confidence with the torch!

To give you the biggest bang for your buck, class will start online Jan 7th in a dedicated Facebook group.  Worried that by the time you get set up to start working, you will have forgotten a step?  No worries! We have our very own Facebook group for ongoing mentorship in further developing your work.  This is an extra perk when taking my classes.  Can’t wait to have you in class!

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Instructor: Tonya Davidson

Title of Class: Fused, Textured and Dusted Sterling: It’s all in the Layers!

Date of Class: 02/07/2020

Time: 9:00 am until 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Level: Intermediate

Class Fee: $250

Kit Fee: $90 (payable (cash only) to instructor at class time) Please note: the materials fees for the kit may increase as the market fluctuates (fee based on $16 silver $1400 gold).

Kit Fee Includes

2 sheets of special sterling silver alloy

Assorted special sterling silver alloy wires for creating designs for the texture

Sterling Dust

Sterling Silver Wire

Sterling heavy wall tubing

Silver solder  (hard, medium and easy)

Nova Charcoal Block

Strip of  Crazy 8 Sterling Silver

Fine Tweezers

Instructor will have the following for use in class

1 Rolling Mill

1 Thumper

A stump with a vise and large bender

A second stump with a forming tool

Forming Tools

Torches, Firebricks, and Ceramic Surfaces



2 Foredoms and their stands for texturing, finishing and tube setting

Belt Sander

Foredom Polishing Lathe with Wheels

Acetone and Alcohol


Plastic Stencils for shapes

A small assortment of hammers for forming and texturing

Student Supply List

An assortment of 2-4mm wide, 26-22g, sterling wires (half dome, rectangle, square, and sheet) for framing and design options for the “neck” of the pendant.  Have some 26g sheet on hand as well.

Mask- I love the 3M Aura Particulate Respirator 9211+/37193(AAD) N95( available at Amazon) or the RZ Mask

Safety glasses and closed toed shoes

Towel or Rag


Notebook/Pencil or Pen

An assortment of Sharpies  or I highly prefer the Dykem Brite-Mark Medium Tip Dye Marker in Blue (available at Amazon)

6” stainless steel ruler

Machinist Square


Digital Caliper

Fine tweezers

Steel Bench Block

Bench Pin that attaches to table

Split Mandrel with 180/220/320 strips of sandpaper pre-cut or I like the Mounted Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Cartridge Rolls (available from Rio)

Assorted Texture Hammers

A Nylon, Delrin or Rawhide Hammer

A Saw Frame and 2/0, 3/0 and 5/0 Saw Blades

Miter Vise  (please please bring)

Ring Clamp (I love the 113-106 from Rio)

Assorted Pliers (flat nose, round nose and other shapes)

Silicone Polishers or Shofu Polishers (I like the set from Rio 332-617)

Assorted Hand Files and Needle Files

Sanding Sticks (220, 320, 400, 800 or similar grits)

Joyce Chen Stainless Steel Scissors or Hida Tool Chikamasa B-500SL Scissors

Optional Supply List(If you want to try these techniques I demo)

Work light and extension cord

Ear Plugs/Hearing Protection

Magnifiers –I like the ShiRaRa (available at Rio Grande) or the Telesight Magnifiers (Telesightmagnifier.com)

Your properly heat treated stamps

AdvantEdge Tungsten Carbide Burs – I like the 346-104 or 346-108 or 346-110 available from Rio

Shears – I like the sheep shears from HidaTool.com (Chikamasa T-600 Mighty Shear)

Additional Class Comments

There will be handouts. Video is fine as long as it is for your own personal and unpublished use.

Feel free to bring your lunch and work through the lunch hour.  Dinner will be a mandatory break time/closing the room.

There will be a Facebook group set up Jan 7th for all students to connect.  I will be answering questions, providing additional learning materials and resources, and will also leave the group open for continued access to me.

Instructor Email Address: tonya@tonyadavidson.com

Instructor Website: www.tonyadavidson.com




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