Vivi Magoo LTD | Danny’s EPIC ADVENTURE II | Danny Wade| November 7-11, 2019


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Vivi Magoo LTD!

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We’re so excited to bring EPIC ADVENTURE – Part Two

to you this fall!

Danny will lead you through the process of designing gorgeous jewelry created in the Native American style

One-piece stamps

Two-part stamps


Create shot plate embellishments

Learn how to use the hydraulic press to create impressions



Finish your pieces professionally







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Day One
Danny will guide you through all the steps, from A-to-Z, to create professional and perfectly detailed basic stampings, bump outs, two-part stampings, shot plate embellishments and other appliqués.

You will learn how to saw and finish each of the above and prepare them for use in the design of your cuffs and earrings.

Day Two
Finish up your pieces from Day One and get ready to learn the EPIC way to use the hydraulic press to create conchos from impression dies. OMG. These are unbelievably beautiful, and you’ll be so proud of yourself with your new-found skills! Press them out, then saw and finish each. At the end of Day Two, you will have several finished pieces, large and small, that you’ll be able to use on Day Three when you get down to the business of designing your unique cuff, earrings or pendant (or a combination of any – or all)!

Day Three
This is the day when you will have all the latitude and flexibility to create exactly what you’d like. Bring in an inspiration piece or two – or inspirational photos – from which you’ll design, with Danny’s help, your own beautiful pieces of jewelry. Spend the last hour of the day putting your final finishing touches on your beautiful creations – showing and sharing with your favorite and beloved art sisters.


Student Supply List

favorite jewelry making tools (including round nose pliers and flat nose pliers)

chain nose pliers

hand files flat and round – medium to large

ring clamp


needle file set

jeweler’s saw and blades (#2/0 and #1) and beeswax or BurLife

hand metal shears

soldering pick

soldering tweezer

bezel rocker or burnisher

rawhide or nylon mallet

scribe and fine point marker

6-inch ruler

close-toed shoes

safety glasses

portable light (and extension cord) – optional but recommended

magnifying glasses or optivisor – necessary


-start each day with a delicious breakfast
-spend full days of class where you will learn, create and be inspired
-enjoy Vivi Magoo lunches and dinners
-nightly happy hour
-open studio each evening
-spend the week with Danny!
-Vivi Magoo signature treats and gifts

Price includes all meals during our retreat, class fees, 4 nights of lodging in a semi-private room
as well as happy hours, treats and Vivi Magoo goodies!
Transportation and kit fees are not included.


***Please contact Erin at if you are interested in payment arrangements.***

Space is limited to the first 14 students, so be sure to reserve your spot quickly!