Vivi Magoo LTD | Danny’s EPIC ADVENTURE | Danny Wade | November 16-18, 2020


Native American Indian Jewelry, including squash blossom jewelry, has served many functions through history.

It represents a culture, a trading commodity, a symbol of status and pride and was a beautiful adornment for Native American men and women alike.

Gold, silver and gemstones such as turquoise, coral and opal continue to be used by a variety of tribal silversmiths in the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni tribes.


Over your three days, Danny will guide you through all the steps necessary to create your very own work of art, made by you in the traditional Native American style. 

He’s an incredibly accomplished silversmith and lapidarist, and he will help guide you through the steps to create jewelry inspired by our beloved indigenous people of the Americas.


-spend three full days of class where you will learn, create and be inspired
-enjoy Vivi Magoo lunches each day
-spend time with Danny after class each day!
-Vivi Magoo signature treats and gifts

Price includes class fees, daily lunches, treats and Vivi Magoo goodies!
Transportation and kit fees are not included.


***Please contact Erin at if you are interested in payment arrangements.***

Space is limited to the first 14 students, so be sure to reserve your spot quickly!

Only 4 left in stock


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We’re so excited to bring EPIC ADVENTURES to you this coming November!
Danny will lead you through the process of designing squash blossom jewelry – created in the Native American style
One-piece stamps
Two-part stamps
Create shot plate embellishments
Learn how to use the hydraulic press to create impressions
Finish your pieces professionally

individual workbenches complete with flex shaft, soldering station, pickle pot and more

*Vivi Magoo will provide these health and safety supplies for our students, and you are invited to bring additional supplies for your personal use as well.
Face mask for each student
Hand sanitizer for each student
Disinfectant for each workspace

Student Supply List

rosary pliers
flat nose pliers
flush cut pliers
hand files coarse to medium 1 inch wide
ring clamp
steel wool #000
Scotchbrite pad green
bench pin with clamp
needle file set
drill bits size tba
jeweler’s saw and blades (#2/0 and #1)
beeswax or Burlife
hand metal shears
soldering pick
soldering tweezers 3
bezel rocker or burnisher
rawhide, nylon or rubber mallet
fine point sharpie marker
6 inch ruler
scribe or center punch
steel hammer
safety glasses
portable light (and extension cord)
optivisor is needed at minimum
handy flux for silver brazing
flux brush
56-75 solder.. super easy to hard solder
safety glasses
ear protection – it can get loud!

Optional Supply List

Additional shee metal, wire and cabs for your own personal use
Worklight (preferably battery-operated)
your own favorite tools

 demos projected on large screen to keep students safely distanced from one another

The following will be available for use during class

safely distanced work benches
complete soldering stations – one for each student
soldering platforms
annealing pan and pumice
heat safe surface
quench bowls
pickle pots
Dawn dish detergent
paper towels
table protection
flex shafts – one for each student bench

workbenches are safely distanced from one another around classroom

*Vivi Magoo will provide these for our students, and you are invited to bring additional supplies
for your personal use as well.
Face mask
Disposable gloves
Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant for workspace