Vivi Magoo LTD | Rebel Heartistry III | Jessica Jordan Cote | April 29 – May 3, 2019


Round Top Inn
Round Top, Texas

Monday, April 29th, 2019
-arrive at venue, check in and enjoy dinner-

Tuesday, April 30th – Thursday, May 2nd, 2019
-start your day with a savory, home-cooked breakfast-
-full day of class where you will learn, create and be inspired-
-catered lunches and dinners from the famous Royer’s Cafe-
-nightly happy hour-
-open studio in the evening-
-Vivi Magoo signature treats and gifts-

Friday, May 3rd, 2019
-enjoy breakfast, check out at 11am-

Price includes meals, class fees, 4 nights of lodging in a semi-private room
as well as happy hours, treats and Vivi Magoo goodies!
Transportation and kit fees are not included.
Some private rooms available for an additional charge, please contact us for more information.
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Space is limited to the first 14 people, so be sure to reserve your spot quickly!

Please contact Barb or Erin with any questions or to discuss any special requests.
At Vivi Magoo, our goal is to have you return home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired by all that you’ve learned and experienced.
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Rebel Heartistry: Part III- Choice & Consequence

As children, we are taught to make good choices.  This means being mindful of the consequences of our decision making, leading us to weigh the pros and cons of our potential steps as we navigate this world.  In theory, “good” decisions will lead to “good” results, and the opposite is also true.  As we grow, we learn to account for other factors affecting this realm of responsibility- the impact of our choices on others, on the environment, on our mental health, and through time we learn that our choices will be labeled: excellent, selfish, poor, thoughtful, hasty, ill-informed.

How does this message resonate in art?  What are the effects of design choices on the outcome of what we create, and are the outcomes so black and white as to be good or bad?  How do context, circumstance, and command of technique further influence our design decisions?  More importantly, how does each decision made during execution limit or expand the potential manifestation of a piece?

In this three day course on Choice & Consequence, students will explore the parallels of making choices in life and art.  We will discuss the funneling down of each decision as it leads to another, examine the relationship of an initial choice to subsequent ones, and investigate new ways of viewing our design aesthetic as a series of thoughtful options selected with purpose and artistic intent.

This is a workshop on design as much as it silversmithing.  The focus will be on independent thinking.  The goal is to open students’ eyes to the complexities and intricacies of the creative “gray area”, to embrace the inspirational tension that exists in the space between the decisions we make and the results of those decisions, to harness that tension, and be made better by it. Recommended for intermediate to advanced students- experience with soldering is required.

Day One:

Students will be given a kit of raw materials from which to begin building a piece of jewelry.  Using these materials in conjunction with a provided list of loosely worded action steps, students will work to create highly individual pieces built per their interpretation of each step.  The day will begin with reading over the outlined procedures and formulating a design plan based on the entire sequence.  We will document the evolution of our designs as we move through the mandated directives and begin building a journal of the creative process as it relates to our design decisions.

Day Two:

This project will focus on “blind design”, or adaptation to context and circumstance.  Using a fresh kit of raw materials, students will be challenged to begin a work of wearable art via a series of individual instructions given one at a time, with each step standing alone and without students knowing what will come next.  Again, personal interpretation of the directives will play a large factor in the outcome of each student’s work.  The tension mounting between the instructions as they are given and the work as it evolves with each instruction will force students to reshape their thinking and decisions with each phase of the project.  Documentation of each phase and decision will be completed as students exercise mental flexibility and design modification.

Day Three:

Here, students will have the freedom to frame and finish one or both of their prior projects.  Additional materials including stones, bezel wire, chain and ring shank supplies will be provided so that the assembled pieces from Days 1 & 2 may be completed, accentuated and made wearable.  Students will finalize the purpose of each piece and take the time to add any final detail, embellishment, and function to their work, and we will finish with a critique/discussion on the process and outcomes of this three day journey.

Kit Fees:

Day 1: $40

Day 2: $40

Day 3: $50

Kits for days 1 & 2 will include 20g and 22g sterling silver sheet, 16g and 14g sterling silver wire, sterling casting grain, and 2mm sterling rectangular wire.

Kits for day 3 will include a gemstone, fine silver bezel wire, sterling silver chain or ring stock, additional casting grain, 22g sterling silver sheet, and 14g sterling silver wire.

All kit fees also include consumables- solder, flux, pickle, emery cloth, etc.


Saw frame, bench pin, 2/0 blades
Flat file
Barrette file
Miter jig
Rawhide or nylon hammer
Ball peen hammer
Half-round/flat pliers
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Flush cutters
Center punch
Bench block
Portable lighting (battery-operated if possible)
Optivisor or other magnifying glasses
Decorative stamps
Disc cutter (we will have these available for use and purchase at our retreat)
Dapping block & punches
Checkering file
Ring mandrel


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Cancellations prior to or on March 29, 2019 will incur a $300 processing fee.

Cancellations received after March 29, 2019 are non-refundable.

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