Zac Tedrow | The Devil’s in the Details: a Bold Statement Ring | Saturday, February 5, 2022 | 8:00 am until 4:30 pm


If it is only good from afar, its far from good! In this class, we will focus on the fine details that will take our work to the next level. The class will begin with a design segment where students will brainstorm and sketch their ideas. Once a plan is in place, students will use techniques like sawing, filing, stamping, soldering, and forging to create intricately detailed shanks, bezels, and embellishments
to create a uniquely bold statement ring. This class is geared toward creative freedom, so no two projects will be the same!

Meet Zac Tedrow
Left Hand Metalworks
“My goal as an artist is to teach my students how to create high quality, 100% handcrafted items using traditional metal-smithing and lapidary techniques. Many of these pieces began as chunks of rock and scraps of silver, and through a series of techniques, become works of art – worthy of being called art jewelry pieces.”


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Instructor: Zac Tedrow

Class: The Devil’s in the Details: a Bold Statement Ring

Date of Class: 02/05/2022 from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm

Level: Intermediate

Class Fee: $215

Kit Fee: TBD (payable at class time)

Kit Fee includes these metals and use of the following:
16-gauge silver sheet – 70mm x 16mm

18-gauge silver sheet – 35mm x 40mm

3/16” x 0.016” Fine silver bezel wire – 90mm strip


* * * I will have some stones for students to purchase if needed

Use of Mobile Studio Tools and Supplies

Sandpaper (220, 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000)

Use of classroom expendables:

Sandpaper (220, 400, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000)

Flex shaft mandrels (bristle discs, muslin buff, scotch brite buffs, silicon wheels, drill bits)

White diamond buffing compound

Soldering stations – torches, fuel, solder, flux, platforms, quench bowls, towels

Solder – easy, medium and hard

Handy Flux and brushes




Ring Mandrel (we’ll have one studio mandrel – you probably want to bring your own)

Ring sizing gauge

Rubber Cement

Table protection

Pickle and pot

LOS patina and pot

Baking Soda for neutralizer

Dawn, paper towels, dishpans for water

Flex shafts and Jool Tools

Student Supply List

Ring size cabochon (I will bring some stones for students to purchase if necessary)

Saw and blades (3/0, 2/0, 1/0 sizes)

Fine tweezers and locking tweezers

Solder picks

Brass brushes

Copper tongs


(Digital) calipers

Ring mandrel

Miter jig

Nylon pliers

Parallel pliers

Wire cutters

Forming pliers (half round, flat nose, needle nose, chain nose, etc.)

Nylon or rawhide mallet

Bezel rocker, pusher, or burnisher of choice

Bench block

Bench pin and C-clamp (4-6 inch)

Hand files (flat and half round)

Needle Files (oval, round, triangle, flat, square, half round, etc)



Optional Student Supply List

You are going to be creating a gorgeous ring with Zac’s help, and as you’re designing it, you may find you want to add some extra little touches to it to give it your own personal style. Bits of scrap silver to make balls, shot plate embellishments, twisted, beaded, square wire, etc – you’re invited to bring what you have from your home studio, or, if you find you need just that little something extra when you’re in class, Mario (SJ Jewelry Supply) will be onsite to help you find just what you’re looking for. Zac will have a few supplies and tools such as draw plates, etc. to help you create something unique as well. We can’t wait to see what each and every one of you create! We know they are going to be awesome and unique! Worthy of a photo shoot (I’ll try to do that for Zac before everyone leaves at the end of the day).
Here’s what we’re asking Mario to have on hand in case you want to purchase something when you’re in class and need “that special something,” and remember to raid your studio stash for those embellishments that will turn your lovely handmade piece into a fabulous, one-of-a-kind work of art!
14 gauge round sterling silver wire, dead soft
16 gauge round sterling silver wire, dead soft
18 gauge round sterling silver wire, dead soft
20 gauge round sterling silver wire, dead soft
0.8” full bead sterling silver wire, dead soft
0.6” full bead sterling silver wire, dead soft
12 gauge square sterling silver wire, dead soft
14 gauge square sterling silver wire, dead soft

Work light and extension cord (or battery powered)

Magnification or Optivisor if required

Sound protection if needed

If you have some and can bring them:
Texturing hammers
Metal stamps

Instructor Email:

Instructor Pages: @LeftHandMetalworks on Instagram and Facebook


**** PRE-ORDER YOUR CLASS SUPPLIES TODAY! Many of our students have asked us to help streamline the process of gathering their supplies and tools for classes, and we have come up with a way we think will work for you. SJ Jewelry Supply in Phoenix is owned and operated by a wonderful family, headed by Mario Morales. His wife, Erika, and son, Steven, round out the staff, and they are excited to help make gathering your supplies easy and stress free. We guarantee they will make life easier for you! No kidding! Here’s how it will work….

  • Once you have determined what you will need for each class, send an email with your request for products and/or tools to SJ Jewelry Supply
    • Go to our website, open the class description for each of the classes in which you are enrolled, scroll down to the section “Student Supplies,” cut and paste the items you want to purchase into an email to Mario.
    • Here’s their email address
  • When they receive your email, they will send you a return email acknowledging receipt of your request
    • In this email, they will instruct you about payment methods 
  • Once your order is filled, they will send you a second email with confirmation stating your order is complete
    • Included in this email, they will give you instructions on how to pick up your orders upon arrival in Tucson

 Sound easy? We think it’s going to help take the stress out of preparing for classes! **********************************************************************************************************************