The Desert 2020 – Available Seating

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In order to help you, we’ve designed an overview of what is sold out, what has limited seating and which instructors continue to have plenty of seats in a variety of their classes. <click here to view class updates> September 16, 2019

What are my class options?

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We’ve been asked about a list of classes that are still open…. As of January 1st (Happy 2018!), here is the current list of classes with open seats in Art Retreat in the Desert. 2 seats left April Bower | Feathers and Hammers – Bi-metal Feather Bracelet and the Hammer to make it| Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 | 9 am until … Read More

Gold Star Instructors

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Question I have loved the work of several artists for ages….but alas from afar!  I live on the west coast of Canada.  I would have to plan a vacation with my husband if I wanted to participate.  Is it possible to buy DVDs of these classes?   The Canadian dollar is awful and getting there seems a big deal.  (O but … Read More